What activities do you lose yourself in?

What activities do you find yourself losing track of time in? I find that a lot of the things I do, I could do them for hours and not even realize it. I may be different than most people but check out the following things that I love to do.

  1. Canning: I love canning and it’s so interesting to me. I recently canned farm fresh blackberry jam and grape jelly. When I was a little girl, I remember helping my mom can. She canned lots of salsa, tomatoes, ketchup, bread and butter pickles and much more. She had a room in her basement that housed all of her cans. Even though she’s not here anymore, she inspires me every day. I recently discovered vacuum sealing canning. I canned 5 half gallon jars of dry rice. This method keeps dry goods fresh for 25 years. I plan of vacuum sealing pasta, flour, popcorn kennels, cereal, beans, candy, chips and so much more.

2. Browsing Pinterest: I feel like I could browse and save pins all day long and never get tired of it. My Pinterest boards on my personal page are full. However, I usually do a lot of the recipes I save and crafts with the kids. Pinterest is full of so much talent and small businesses like myself.

3. Hunting: I never thought I would be a hunter, but I married a hunter, and he has taught me to love it. Spring turkey season is probably our favorite. This past year we took our 3 daughters out hunting and my husband even harvested a doe. It was difficult and I still can’t believe we did it. It was cold and wet. I was in a ground blind with our 3-year-old and our 2-year-old, and my husband was in a tree stand with our 5-year-old. We had layers of clothes on. The girls were noisy and move around a lot. Even with all the challenges, my husband still harvested a doe. We even made the girls track the deer and help drag it out of the woods. My husband did most of the work while I carried our youngest daughters out of the woods.

4. Gardening: This year our gardening game is stepping up a notch and we couldn’t be happier. Chris has spend lots of time preparing for this year’s garden. We expanded our garden from last year, added a garden and prepared the soil around our pond to plant sunflowers. We recently started some many seeds in our cellar, which is currently our “greenhouse”. We’re hoping by this time next year, we will have an actual greenhouse to start plants. Depending how well our produce does this year, we will sell extra or can them. Along with gardening, we are going to be starting lots of new herbs and I plan on freeze drying them and vacuum sealing them in mason jars for long term storage. I think I’m most excited about this.

5. Creating merchandise and products: One of my most favorite things I love to do is to create merchandise and products for my small business. You can visit my shop here or Etsy shop here.

I make the following homemade balms:

  • Lavender Balm
  • Dandelion Balm
  • Healing Balm
  • Breathe Rub
  • Sore Muscles Balm
  • Ashwagandha Balm

I design and make products like the following on my Etsy shop.

We will have chicken eggs for sale this summer! Our family has really enjoyed raising baby chicks. We have 6 eleven-week-old chickens that are now in their big girl chicken coop. My husband turned an existing building on our property into a chicken coop. He added a secure covered run. I will make a separate blog post about the chicken coop because it’s pretty impressive.

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