Spring Turkey Season

As spring turkey season approaches, the excitement in my husband’s smile gets wider and wider. When I first met him, he told me that spring turkey season is his favorite, he loves turkeys. Somehow, I acquired the same love but with babies at home, life is a little different for me temporarily. Nothing makes him happier than opening our hunting totes and pulling out the gear. He is one of the most detailed and observant people I know. He gets so much joy in putting different calls in different parts in the vest. Shells go in another pocket. If it’s cold, he brings along some hot hands or even the buddy heater. He knows where everything is at all times. He studies weather and different cold or warm fronts that might be coming in. He enjoys checking the grounds before the big hunt to see where their tracks are and if he’s able he likes to put the birds to bed the night before. Some people think hunting is just grabbing a gun and heading to the woods but it requirements much more than that. It always makes me laugh, when my husband says he has to grab something from the garage and when he doesn’t come back for a while, I go check on him, to find him in the middle of hunting stuff. The smile gets me everytime…Carry On!

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