Cornstarch Slime-Toddler Edition

Not the cleanest science experiment but I’m also the mom who doesn’t mind getting a little messy at times either.

Have you ever made oobleck before? Oobleck is cornstarch and water that when mixed together can act like a solid and a liquid. This oobleck recipe is simple and fun to do. It’s a lot easier than making slime and kids love playing with it!

You’ll need:


  • Combine the ingredients together and start to play!
  • The kids started adding food coloring to make different colors.
  • Soap and water made clean up a breeze. Don’t sweat momma, you can do it!

Activity Suggestions:

  • Pick up the mixture with your hands and form a ball. Then let go of the ball and watch it melt into your hands like magic!
  • Use a mash potato masher or a spoon and tap the mixture, you’ll notice the mixture is more like a solid until you start to slowly move through it then it becomes a liquid. Again, it’s magic!
  • Add plastic toys or figurines (like spiders or bugs) and dig them out. It could be a holiday themed sensory activity as well. Options are endless!

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